The Products You’re Using Every day That Contains Harmful Parabens

Everyday Beauty and Skincare Products are Detrimental to Your Health

What if you discovered that the skincare and beauty products that you have been using religiously for the past several years contain harmful ingredients? This is the case with the majority of skincare products that are advertised. Reading the ingredient list isn’t always the first thing we do when we pick up a face wash, but it should be. Reading the ingredient list is important when wanting to choose a product that is not harmful to your skin.

So why are parabens so harmful? Paraben is a harmful preservative, added to many skincare and beauty products as to maintain their shelf-life. Once added, this agent acts as a preserver, ensuring that the product can sit on the shelf without growing mold, mildew, and going bad.

What’s even scarier is that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), is well-aware of the harmful side effects of Paraben, yet refuses to regulate and implement laws against using it. In turn, we as consumers are exposed to these and many more synthetic ingredients on a daily basis.

There’s Hope!

Luckily, at Elabloom, we are more than conscientious about what we use in our skincare and body care. We produce only consciously sourced products that are completely paraben, phthalate, and petroleum free. There is an alternative to all of these chemical-filled items, and hope is found in paraben-free products.

How do parabens work? Paraben works by absorbing into our bloodstream by virtue of being on our skin through paraben-filled cleansers and lotions. They then mimic estrogen production, either boosting it or slowing it down in a harmful way, putting users at risk of dangerous dividing of cells causing cancer. What makes this toxin so dangerous, is that they are instantly absorbed, metabolized, and excreted. Always be careful about the products you choose to use on you and your family, and choose ones that don’t have adverse effects on your health.
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