Top Ways to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues & S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Don’t let this Disorder Interfere With Your Daily Life

There is no denying the post-holiday blues. After a jovial time with your closest friends and family, it can be slightly depressing getting back to the daily grind of life. Not to mention the cold, sub-zero temperatures which boast no help to the already dismal mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder, commonly referred to as SAD, is a condition that affects many individuals, resulting in lack of interest in daily activities due to the season and weather associated with it. With winter comes early nights, darker days, and colder temperatures and for those who suffer from SAD, this season can be a true difficulty to endure.

Essential Mood-Boosting Oils

There are natural ways in which to conquer and manage seasonal disorders. One of which is mood-boosting essential oils. These oils are designed to promote concentration and clarification, calming the mind and encouraging a positive mindset. How does this work? These oils benefit your mood and help to tackle the depression that is associated with SAD. A portable diffuser locket can be used to carry the mood-boosting scent around with you all day long, encouraging a confident mindset that will let you humble your day.

Meditate: Partaking in activities that are designed to relax the mind and take you to a better place, are very beneficial in tackling seasonal disorders and depression. Through meditation, your mind is at utmost peace with the present and it is in this moment that you are able to cope and manage post-holiday blues. Try these Mantras!

Surround yourself with those who matter: Socializing with your closest friends and family is a great way to keep your mind off anxiety associated with the season. Make coffee dates, lunch meet ups, and attend yoga together. Give yourself a structured schedule and something to look forward to, as having formation will allow you to remain social and active leaving you less time to ponder on the season. Sufferers can also seek a support group and get assistance from those who are going through the same trials and tribulations

Make healthy choices: Eat the blues away with foods that boost your serotonin levels which in turn allow you to feel better. Not only are healthy choices wise for weight management, they also contain tryptophan in which serotonin is built upon.
Coping with SAD’s is a challenged faced everyday by those who suffer from it. With the help of a few mood-boosting lifestyle changes, you can wish the seasonal blues away.


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