How to Make 2017 Your Best Year yet

Let’s Look at the top 5 ways to Make This Year the Best one yet

A new year is a great time to begin fresh ways in becoming the best you possible. It’s always constructive to be mindful and present when creating a vision of the upcoming year that you intend for yourself. By living in the ‘now’, you will be able to realistically come up with ways in which to make 2017 the best year yet. In order to come up with ways to make this a memorable year, you have to pick and choose the areas in which you want to see a beneficial change in the most. This could be your career, hobbies, and/or daily life: the sectors are up to your discretion.

Top 5 Ways to Make 2017 Amazing

  1. Create a journal: Self-reflection is very important when wanting to better yourself. Writing in your journal just a couple of times of a week is a great way to look at where you were and how far you’ve come. It also allows you to visually see parts of your life that you may be unhappy with and want to change. Stuck for topic ideas? Consider: a to-do list, your day, your work situation, your aspirations for the year, and your plans for the month.
  2. Better your well-being: There is a saying that goes, “Working for the weekend”. If you fall into this category, chances are you are displeased with your job/career choice. In turn, your well-being and overall health are being sacrificed. Making small changes and creating stepping stones is a great way to attain your end goal.
  3. Try something new: Part of growing as an individual is putting you in situations where you may find yourself feeling confused or uneasy. If you’ve always wanted to do yoga but were afraid that you weren’t flexible enough, that’s reason enough to begin yoga! Over the course of a few weeks, you will amaze yourself at how much you adapted to something you never thought you could.
  4. Network: We all have the habit of getting down now and again, which is completely normal. Find 5 people within your group of friends that make you happy and elevate your mood. Surrounding yourself with positivity, whether it is friends, essential oils designed to boost your mood or individuals that pick you up when you are down, is a fantastic way to be social while improving your life.
  5. Set intention: When you set an intention to rising above the things that bother you in your every day, you are releasing negativity and replacing it with positivity, eagerness, and willingness. Don’t let yourself get wrapped up in things that may turn around and bit you in the butt., such as workplace drama. Instead, simply float through them with a neutral mindset. This will give you the altitude you need to rise above and lead you down a conclusive and affirmative path.

Instead of creating a new year’s resolution, try something different such as the five tips mentioned above. By creating rituals of everyday habits that better your mindset, well-being, and way of life, you will attain better results than any ‘resolution’ will get you. By limiting the things that don’t make you happy and increasing the things that do, you will create a change that will lead to a more fulfilled and enjoyable life.


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