It’s Almost Canada Day, eh! Support Your Local Businesses

Our Products are 100% Vertically Integrated and Made With Pride In Canada

Supporting independent local businesses speaks the utmost to patriotism. Did you know that our products are 100 per cent made and produced locally? Everything from our suppliers to our entire supply chain! We are proudly a Canadian company. Buying local not only supports your local, independent businesses, it also improves the local economy and promotes sustainability.  How you ask? Buying local means a considerably more amount of money from your purchase(s) is used to purchase from other local businesses that, in turn, strengthens the Canadian economy and local businesses alike.


Supporting local businesses and buying local also promotes livelihood from your community. Canadians like to support a Canadian company so next time you consider purchasing bath and beauty products from a mainstream brand, reconsider the benefits of supporting local businesses and how it promotes sustainability. Simply put, when you buy local more money stays within the community. Through shopping at the local corner store – or in this case, on our online store – rather than a big box outlet, consumers keep their communities from becoming ghost towns.


The great thing about independent brands is that they encompass a more hands-on approach rather than a one-size-fits-all attitude. This creates uniqueness, character, and a sense of belonging: when you support local brands and companies than you feel more connected to your heritage while also doing your part in supporting the local economy. Buying local from independent businesses ensures that you have a more personal experience as a consumer.

Canadian Company, Buying Local, Local Businesses, Sustainability

Our products are made solely in Canada, which means our products travel less of a distance to get to your front door. What this means for you is there is less likely of a chance for the product to be contaminated and/or fiddled with due to less travel time. Another bonus to purchasing locally is the fact that it saves the environment, literally! Our carbon footprints are not only determined by the energy we use to run our households or by our method of transportation, but instead by the products we buy and consume each and every week! Purchasing locally means less emissions released into the environment simply because the products are made right here where you live.


The take-away? When you purchase from a local independent business, drastically more of your funds are being redistributed into the very community that you live in. When you buy products through nationally owned businesses (big box stores), than only a minute amount of your money goes to local business enterprises. Next time you decide to purchase local, remember that you are encouraging local prosperity by doing so all while supporting a one-of-a-kind business. The openness, transparency, and sense of community when purchasing local is invaluable.


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