How to use Mala Beads

The Globe and Mail Newspaper Recognizes Our Spray & Go Lotion as an Integral Part of Daily Mantra’s!

So what is a ‘Mantra’ you wonder? ‘Man’ is the Sanskrit for mind while ‘tra’ is the base word for instrument. Together it means an instrument for the mind by way of meditation where you have the ability [working the instrument] to release positive energy through daily rituals. The Globe and Mail Newspaper has recognized our body lotion and spray as fundamental to a daily mantra due to its natural ingredients such as avocado oil and aloe vera, which are known to relax the mind and soul, and allow you to reconnect and thus exude positive energy. Daily rituals should consist of three mantras per day in order to maintain an optimistic outlook, especially when our daily lives can be quite hectic.

Prior to your morning mantra, start your day off on a positive note by using our Body Bloom Ritual, which can be used as part of your daily rituals and daily mantra’s.  The Scrub works by gently exfoliating your body, removing dead skin cells to reveal a new you. The Dead Sea Salts – step 2 in the set – relaxes your body while promoting regeneration. Last but not least, finish off with the Spray and Go lotion that increases the flow of oxygen to the skin to bare a healthy glow.

There are an abundance of benefits to daily mantras. Here are just a few:

  • A 3-minute morning mantra: Increases your blood circulation and the endocrine system secretion start to flow.
    • Today, I will choose happiness.
    • I am enough.
    • Today, I will positively impact someone’s day.
    • Today, accept what is instead of resenting what isn’t.
    • Just to be alive is a grand thing.
  • A 7-minute afternoon mantra: Your brain patterns start to shift and the magnetic field surrounding the body becomes stronger.
    • May I be Happy. May I be Healthy. May I be Creative. May I be at ease.
    • I am thankful for everything I have.
    • Today, I will breathe deeply and go slowly.
    • It is enough to do my best.
    • Breathe in joy and strength, breathe out wisdom and peace.
    • I choose to believe in abundance, and accept this belief as my reality.
  • A 22-minute evening mantra: Your subconscious mind starts to clear up.
    • I am fulfilled. I am fearless.
    • I honor my spirit and trust my vibes.
    • I will not postpone joy.
    • Everything I’m searching for is already inside of me.
    • I am grateful for this day, and tomorrow will be even better.

I feel anxious, I feel overwhelmed, I’m tired, my mind is full of negative thoughts, I feel physical tension. If any of these sounds familiar to you, than the need for daily mantras is crucial to your health, mind, body and soul. In order to function your very best and be the confident being you want to be, you have to be positive and have a positive mind and outlook. Daily mantras allow you to connect internally with yourself, to recognize, find purpose, locate meaning and uncover vitality.

Society often shoulders that beautiful people must be happy because they are beautiful but in actual fact, being content lets your true beauty shine through, it comes from within. When you begin to feel negative energy enter your mind than that is the ideal time to start a mantra; it is a method that will remind you to stay strong. Remind yourself of what you’ve accomplished, what you’re grateful for, how far you’ve come, what you’ve gained, and remind yourself that success requires struggle and that is OK. Mantra is about appreciation for your body, your health and your very being. Use your daily mantras as a motivational tool and let yourself stay positive.

Check out our beautiful 108 Bead Mala Necklace – staying true to our Canadian roots, this is designed for us exclusively by a Canadian Jewelry Designer. Do your Mantras in style!



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