Growing Your Very Own Urban Garden With Your Toddler Is Easy & Educational!

Design Sensory Gardens to Encourage Interaction Between Your Toddler and The Environment While Also Teaching Them Where Their Food Comes From

As parents, it is our job to teach our little ones the importance of taking care of the Earth and respecting its natural beauty. With Earth Day just past us, what better time than to show your toddler what it means to admire the globe that we all call home. Creating an urban garden with your toddler is the perfect outdoor activity for parent and child bonding while also being educational and fun for kids.

Children [and adults alike], love to partake in gardening and shrubbery activities. Not only is an outdoor activity like this fun for kids, it is also rewarding and teaches your young ones patience, gratitude and reward, all while teaching them where their food comes from. All of these attributes run deep in our family, read about our family here. When kids take part in activities in which they play an enormous role in the outcome of, it makes the process much more personal and encouraging for them. Planting various herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, parsley, and eatable flowers in your garden with your young one is a great way to support parent and child bonding and is a fantastic way for them to learn nurturing qualities. As well, letting them plant their own urban garden means they will get to pick their own herbs, fruits and vegetables from their very own micro-garden and help mummy put tonight’s salad together! What better interactive sensory experience than eating?! And eating healthy at that.

An activity that is fun for kids while also teaches them about our Earth can be a challenge. Kids’ attention spans are short! Be sure that you include your toddler in all aspects of their urban garden, from choosing a pot and some soil, to planting, watering and nurturing it. Kids learn through their senses: sight, colour, smell, and touch. Let them indulge their senses when they pick their herbs, fruits, vegetables, and edible flowers for the garden – doing so will allow them to appreciate the smells, looks, and textures of the various herbs, fruits, and veggie plants. Be sure to encourage a variety and wide selection of plants to choose from, as some can grow slower [or quicker] than others.

With growing generations, kids are spending less time outside enjoying nature and more time hooked to their technology. Outdoor activities such as planting are relaxing for kids and help to stimulate their senses and promote cognitive development. Teaching your toddler to understand nature is as simple as it is enjoyable. Create a little planting station in a designated area of your yard. Include all the necessary accouterments such as dirt, shovels, a watering can, pots and gloves. For added fun, let him or her create little name tags for each flower, herb, fruit and vegetable that they plant. Generate a routine that requires them to go out every morning at a certain time to water their plants. This will teach them responsibility and provide a sense of independence. Once your toddler realizes that growing this garden is solely up to them, they will cherish it until it is ready to be plucked and be eaten! And no need to worry about muddy hands and knees! We carry all the essential products for bath time that will clean away dirt and make for a very happy mom and toddler.

Until May 5th, if you purchase any miniBLOOM product, we’ll send you a pack of seeds to start building your very own garden with your child!

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