Gratitude and Meaningful Rituals!

In this family, rituals, traditions and gratitude are a big deal, along with a deep commitment to the environment.

Brendan and I met in October of 2011, and, as cliché as it sounds, it was love at first sight. We both knew instantly that we were the “one” for each other. Within three months, Brendan had popped the question and a mere 11 days later I found out that I was pregnant with our first daughter, Madeleine. Nearly five years later we now have two beautiful daughters: Madeleine, three and a half, Avery, eight months.

Every day is both a fun challenge and a blessing. We absolutely love being a family, and being together with our extended families. Brendan and I have a deep respect for our respective family’s traditions, and want to pass on those loving memories and rituals to our daughters. Perhaps what we love even more, though, is to make our own traditions and rituals together. We want our daughters to be creative thinkers and to look back on their childhoods fondly with many loving memories of their devoted parents. For us, rituals are a way to break free of the humdrum of routines and schedules and carve out moments for learning and self-care. We always cook together as a family, and since she was just two years old, Madeleine has been helping out in our kitchen (she cooks with Daddy and bakes with Mommy). We make it a habit to always appreciate and talk about the food that we eat. We discuss what a balanced meal is, where the food on our plates comes from, how it was cooked and why it takes as long as it does to prepare—this really helps when the kids are being particularly impatient! Madeleine even helps us with our family business, a personal care company Elabloom, as it’s important for us to teach our daughters that hard work pays off, as well as what it means to set out a goal to accomplish along with a powerful intention to help achieve it. Madeleine contributes ideas to our business and is even the face our children’s line, miniBLOOM.

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