Mom’s Use miniBLOOM and Can’t Believe The difference!

There is no better feeling than one that is connecting mom to baby and vice versa. There is something uniquely special about the bond created when mothers hold their babies and babies feel their mothers love. We at Elabloom have crafted a baby-friendly line of infant products made with non-toxic ingredients. We named it miniBLOOM. Our products are designed to connect mini-bloomers to their cherishers; mothers. Everything from Baby Shampoo and Body Wash to Calming Baby Oil, Detangling Spray to Mild Body Lotion with Rosehip Oil; miniBLOOM carries an entire line of infant products that are safe, effective and have agents that promote connectivity and presence between mother and baby.

Lacking in today’s baby skin care and infant bath product market are commodities that are baby-friendly whilst boosting non-toxic ingredients. Here at Elabloom, we are dedicated to making products that are not harmful for you or your baby while also creating a product line that is connecting mom to baby. One of our feature products is the New BLOOM Ritual. This is a three-step ritual that when used in conjunction with each other on a daily basis, promotes unity between child and parent. This set contains a Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, calming Baby Massage Oil and soothing Diaper Cream. All of our baby-friendly infant products are proudly paraben, petroleum and phthalate free and are safe enough to use on newborns.

Being a mother means shielding your child from the harms that come their way. Why not start them off on the right foot by using infant products that are not detrimental to their well-being and health. Little do mothers know, many popular brand-name baby bath products that you see on drug-store shelves encompass contaminants that are dangerous and toxic to use on your child. Baby’s delicate skin and bodies require a delicate product with a gentle touch and that is exactly what we aim to do. Our miniBLOOM Complete Line is a set that we sell which contains the entire line of infant products that we produce. It contains Detangling Spray, Baby Massage Oil, Bedtime Bubble Bath, Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, Diaper Cream, Mini Lotion with Rosehip, and Kids Shampoo & Body Wash. This set is mild enough to use on your infant daily and contains ingredients that will not damage, dry-out, or harm your baby’s health in any manner.

What sets us apart from our competitors? Well, many things. Contrary to what big baby brands purchase and use to make their products [mainly sourced entirely from China], we buy elements that are much more expensive because they are non-toxic ingredients supplied solely from Canada and are completely manufactured in Canada. The great thing about us is that we have cultivated an entire line of baby-friendly products that foam, wash, relax and connect baby even better than big-brand products and in a much healthier way as well. Not only are our products made here; our bottles and labels are manufactured in Canada as well. We do this because it is important for us to remain Canadian and support other Canadian businesses in the process of it all.

With Elabloom’s baby line, miniBLOOM, you will have piece of mind knowing that the products you are using on your child will not be of harm to their health or to yours. Make the most out of bath time by using miniBLOOM. Soothing scents, gentle cleanses and moisturizing lotions make for a happy baby and very blissful mother.

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