The Beauty of Elabloom

Elabloom is unlike any skincare or beauty line product you have ever used. With a lack of health-conscious personal-care products on the market today, it is truly difficult for women to locate a product that is naturally sourced, completely free of harmful chemicals, and works amazingly well – until Elabloom was created.

Women and moms alike crave skincare products for their loved ones and themselves that do not contain toxic chemicals typically found in your average, run of the mill drug-store beauty line. The products that you purchase on drugstore shelves have unfavourable affects on your health and contain harmful agents that may result in developmental abnormalities and are extremely dangerous when absorbed through your skin and into your body. This is something that big, brand name companies do not advertise because the bottom line is that they are very dangerous to use. Elabloom’s products are not only 100% Canadian made, but also uniquely boost all-natural properties that are completely paraben, petroleum and phthalate free.

It is so important to have a product like Elabloom on the market because it combines the ability to cleanse, relax and care for your hair, skin and body in the healthiest way possible all while being entirely consciously sourced. Your skin is the largest organ in the human body; we should want to protect it any way possible. With Elabloom’s extensive line of personal-care products, you have no worry that the ingredients you are washing your skin, hair and body with are harmful to your health.

Skin cleansers and body washes found on the market, strip your skin and hair of its natural oils and PH levels [the very elements that make skin and hair healthy], leaving it dry, exposed, damaged and ultimately unhealthy. What Elabloom does is balance your skin, body and hair using nature as well as a holistic approach to skincare; something new and much needed in today’s beauty market.

Elabloom carries an entire beauty line regime that, when used on a regular basis, contribute to healthy, beautiful, vibrant skin, body and hair. The Angel Face Ritual treatment cleanses skin in just 3o minutes leaving it moisturized, purified and relaxed. This ritual includes six products that can be used in conjunction with each other everyday for vibrant and healthy skin. The Body Bloom Ritual aids to increase and repair circulation to your skins most vital layers, which in turn, surges oxygen flow giving skin a healthy and bright glow. Elabloom also offers morning and evening rituals that work together to maintain moisture, refresh, and smooth the tone and texture of your body and facial skin.

The key to balancing your skins texture, moisture and tone is to balance it with quality ingredients. This is the only way to ensure that the products you are using on your skin do not contain destructive chemicals that will have reverse consequences on your skin and body. Be sure to carefully read the labels of the merchandise you buy whether it is for yourself or for your family; you could be purchasing beauty and cleansing products that are tested on animals, contain toxic chemicals, and cause cancer and other illnesses. Elabloom is none of that; a non-toxic, ethically sourced line of personal care products and skincare products designed to cleanse and moisturize the way it was meant to be.

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